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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

World Cup Cricket Quiz

 1. When was first ICC Cricket World Cup started? 

Answer : 1975

2. The First Edition of Cricket World Cup '1975 Cricket World Cup' was held in which country?

Answer : England (from 7 June 1975 to 21 June 1975).

3. What was the official name of the first ICC Cricket World Cup?

Answer : Prudential World Cup.

4. The 1975 Cricket World Cup, the first of its kind was played at

Answer : Lord's London

5. Who won the first World Cup Cricket, 1975?

Answer : West Indies

6. Which team was runners-up in the 1975 Cricket World Cup?

Answer : Australia

7. What was the margin West Indies victory over Australia in the first World Cup Cricket?

Answer : 17 runs.

8. Who was the man of the match in the 1975 world Cup Cricket final?

Answer : Clive Lloyd.

9. The prize money of Pridential World Cup for the winner amounted to

Answer : 4000 dollars

10. What was total number of matches played in the 1975 World Cup Cricket?

Answer : 15.



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